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Bias OTR concept brief

Jan 23, 2017

Tire structure design can be divided into: the radial tire and tire. Simply referred to as nylon bias tire tire. The concept is relative to the so-called wire of radial tire tires. Tire cord arranged in a diagonal cross, hence the name.

Bias ply tire is a tire of the old structure. Tire is by tire surface, and cord layer (tire body), and buffer layer and the tire circle composition, cord layer is tire of skeleton, to keep tire of shape and size, usually by into even of multilayer hanging tape (cord) with rubber fitting and into, cord of curtain line and tire surface center line about is 35 degrees angle, from side tire side through tire surface to another side tire side. Choice of nylon, polyester or wire, high-strength cord material, can greatly increase the tire's load bearing capacity, improving tire performance, is commonly used in modern automobile tires.