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Skew characteristics of engineering tire

Jan 23, 2017

Arranged as ply bias, bias ply tire tread and sidewall strength. When properly inflated, can guarantee the tyre has adequate flexibility, sufficient bearing capacity, to meet the requirements of car tires. But the tire sidewall stiffness, comfort is poor, because of ply high speed movement and friction, is not suitable for high speeds.

In contrast, radial ply tires equivalent to tire the basic skeleton, arranged with radial tires section. Because driving to tangential forces under tires, to ensure the cord secure, in their external and several layers made of high strength, easy stretch belt made of materials (also known as the banded layers), the cord direction and meridional section is a larger angle. Therefore, the radial tires compared with common slash tires, flexibility, good wear resistance, rolling resistance, adhesion good cushioning performance, capacity, not easy to Pierce; but has the disadvantage of sidewall cracks, due to the large lateral deformation, resulting in less vehicle lateral stability, manufacturing technology high requirements and high cost.