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Jan 23, 2017

Radial tires according to the different materials can be divided into all steel radial tires, semi-, radial ply tires and all-fiber radial tires three types.

All steel radial tire carcass and are made of steel cord belt, commonly used for loading on vehicles and engineering machinery.

Half Steel-Belted tire carcass rayon or other fibers, with steel cord belt, this type of radial tires for cars and light trucks, buses, and so on.

All-fiber radial tire carcass and wide belt with rayon or other fiber cord, cord belt low extension cords should be used, the radial tires are generally used for low-speed sedan or on a tractor.

Radial tire structure, superior than the bias tire performance, there are many excellent features: abrasion resistance and good resistance to puncture; cushioning performance, low temperature stable and good safety performance, mileage and high economic efficiency.