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CAR TYRES (PCR) Composition

Jan 23, 2017

Tires are usually a tire, inner tube, padded with 3-part. Also does not require inner tubes, tires good air tightness in the body of the rubber layer, and needs special rims. Tire structure in the world, were tubeless, radial structure, flat (tire section height to width ratio of small) and light direction.

Tires are buffered by the carcass, (or belt), tread, sidewall and bead form. Tire cross section can be divided into several separate areas: the Crown area, and shoulder area (tread slope), Flex (sidewall), strengthening the area and the bead area. ① carcass: also known as the fetal body. Often refers to a layer or layers of ply (strength, flexibility and elasticity) and bead composition as a whole (as) pneumatic tyres for mechanical structure.