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CAR TYRES (PCR) Maintenance

Jan 23, 2017

After you purchase the tires of your car, the most important of which is in use in the maintenance of your car's tires. In various parts of automobiles, tires are relatively expensive, and therefore should pay special attention to tire maintenance work.

1. Keep distance running at high speed, to avoid unnecessary braking or often (braking), to reduce damage to the tire, but for their own security reasons to pay attention to tire tread depth, closer to slick tires and the road surface friction reduction, and longer braking distance, not speed.

2. Relationship between load and tire pressure was one by one, overload is similar to depression, can cause tire damage, often used in overload, tires will reduce the life of 20%-50% and wrong way to load will cause uneven tire load, high impact on specific tire load reduced life expectancy.

3. Air pressure is the life of tires, the tire pressure must comply with the national standards of different types and specifications air pressure specified by the tyre. Frequently check the tire air pressure, lack of pressure is too high and will have abnormal wear, Groove bottom crack, cord broke, ply delamination, tyres burst damage; if you want to continue at high speed, the pressure should be on standard air pressure by 5%-10% and tires will be gas due to temperature rise, cannot be placed at this time.

4. On vehicle tires properly transposed in due course (adhere to maintenance at the vehicle level and second level maintenance check the tires), to maintain uniform tire wear, prolonging; slightly larger outside diameter of the tire should be installed in ocean shipping.

5. Renovated tyres not used on the front; front wheel as far as possible using the vertical bar tread tires, the rear wheels try to use horizontal bar tread tires.

6. Tires worn to the wear mark, must be reversed.