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CAR TYRES (PCR) Manufacturing Process

Jan 23, 2017

Process: mixing processes

Mixing process is the natural/carbon black, synthetic rubber, raw materials such as oil, additives and enhancers mix together in the mixer for processing, to produce the "rubber" process.

Procedure II: plastic parts preparation

Components preparation consists of 6 main sections. In this section, the ready tires all semi-finished plastic parts, including components after initial Assembly. These 6 sections are as follows:

Section one: extrusion

Plastic material fed into the extruder and extrusion of different semi-finished plastic parts: tread, sidewall/bead and triangle strips.

Section II: rolling

Raw cord through the calender and cord hung on both sides of a thin layer of plastic material, the final product is known as "cord." Main raw material cord for both nylon and polyester.

Section three: bead molding

After the bead is made up of many wire hanging plastic winding of. To bead the glue is a special performance, when after the sulfide, rubber and steel wire to tightly fit together.