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Jan 23, 2017

Tires are important parts of the car, tire marks on more than 10 species to properly identify these markings on tire selection, use, maintenance is very important for guaranteeing safety and extend tire life is important.

Tire specifications: specifications are tire symbol of geometric parameters and physical properties of the data. Tire specification said there are three types: a. metric (m); b. metric mix; c. inch; inch tire specifications commonly used set of numbers, a number indicates the tire section width before, the latter number indicates the rim diameter, in inches. Letters or symbols have special meaning:

Tyre structure: the "r" means radial tires, "d", "a" indicates bias tire.

Other: "XL" said quality local reinforcement of tires, "TG" project tractor and grader tires (off-road), "NHS" non-highway tires.