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CAR TYRES (PCR) Methods Of Life Extension

Jan 23, 2017

A habit, so feel free to check the tire pressure. Air pressure is the key to extending tire life--tire pressure often exceeds the normal pressure of 20%, tire life will reduce 10%; if often lower than normal pressure of 30%, tire life is reduced to 52%.

Second, the pressure must be the same. Tire pressure is the life of tires, air pressure is too low, the carcass deformation is increased, side prone to cracks, which leads to excessive heat build-up, rubber, ply-fatigue, the cord broke.

Foreign body habits within three, periodically clear the tires. When a vehicle running on the road, often there are between the stones into the tire tread. These small stones, if not cleared in a timely manner, for a long time would have punctured a tire, leading to leakage or blowout.

Four, driving habits in line with scientific requirements. On a larger camber road, drive to Center as much as possible, avoid and reduce offset the center of gravity, reducing the side of tire load increases and the uneven tire wear.

Five, front and rear wheels to maintain correct orientation. Front wheel alignment influence on the service life of tires is great, especially the toe-in and Camber as the main factors. Main camber will accelerate the tire shoulder wear wear; toe-in is mainly accelerated tire wear on the inside and outside.