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Cushion Press On Tires Effect

Sep 04, 2017

The role of the tire pad is used to prevent the rim damage to the inner tube, so in order to better protect the inner tube, must be based on the width of the rim to choose the correct pad specifications, the rim must be kept clean, shape the whole, the surface smooth. Therefore, it is important to check the rims at the same time when inspecting the damaged straps. I produced the tire pad, the inner tire pad is made of high quality recycled rubber, to ensure safe and efficient. For the tire tires supporting the pad, its quality often affect the tire performance and service life.

The company has more than 30 employees, more than 10 technical backbone, punching equipment 50 sets, to undertake large and medium stamping die development and production needs. I produced the tire pad, the inner tire pad is made of high quality recycled rubber, to ensure safe and efficient. My company is located in China Nanpi metal stamping town and China Botou car mold town of the industrial circle. Has a good stamping foundation, location, according to 104 National Road, by the Beijing-Shanghai Expressway, close to the Beijing-Shanghai railway line, convenient transportation. The mark on the tire pad is marked with its matching rim. If the rim is not correct, it will damage the pad and cause damage to the inner tube. When installing new tires, make sure to use new inner tubes and pads and make sure they are in place. After the rim is heated, the pad rubber may be squeezed out of the rim of the rim, and if the condition is severe, the pad and inner tube will be damaged and the tire will be run out of trouble. Should minimize the causes of tires overheating.

Means an endless belt used to protect the inner tube from the rim. It is installed between the inner tube and the rim, the middle part of the thicker, the two edges from the inside out gradually thin. The outer surface of the pad has a centerline for the alignment of the installation. There is also a hole in the center line, for the tire door piercing. Wafer on the physical and mechanical properties of the compound is not demanding, but should have good resistance to aging properties. Tanked tires fixed to deep rims and ultra low pressure tires mounted on special structural rims, due to tight fit, no pad.

There is a certain shape of the ring rubber band. There is a round hole above which allows the inner cell valve to pass through. Set on the rim to protect the inner tube from the rim and the tire bead wear. According to the section, can be divided into two kinds of concave and flat. The former assembly is more convenient, placement is also easier to correct. Widely used in automotive hollow tires.