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Passenger Car Tyres Good Air Tightness

Oct 26, 2017

Tubeless tires "through the ingenious design, Passenger Car Tyres the use of tire inner wall and bead of the airtight layer, to ensure good tires between the tire and the rim, so that only one tire at the same time with a tube tire function.

Tubeless tubing is more fuel and more comfortable. Tubeless tires, especially radial tires, the crown angle is zero, strong adhesion, good stability, Passenger Car Tyres while better shock absorption and improve the speed.

Tubeless is more safe than inner tube. Tubeless tire surface is a layer of rubber, Passenger Car Tyres the crack has a self-styled ability, once the tires were punctured, not instantly deflated down, rolling nails like sharp objects, can stick to run a long distance.

Vacuum tire wheels larger than ordinary rims, cooling will be faster, Passenger Car Tyres can better reduce the tire temperature, thereby extending the tire life. Tubeless, Passenger Car Tyres because of good air tightness, long-term non-leak, simple structure, light weight, more suitable for high-speed car driving.

However, compared to the inner tire, tireless tire bearing capacity is not strong, so some trucks, agricultural vehicles have pulled heavy cargo demand, or will choose a tire with inner tubes.

Select the tire, recommend a full set of replacement, Passenger Car Tyres if the conditions are not allowed to ensure that the pattern with the original tire similar, otherwise affect the performance of the tire. New tires should be used in the front wheel, the replacement of more than two, it is best to use the front wheel with two new tires.

Must be based on the actual transport road conditions to select the corresponding pattern, Passenger Car Tyres if the road driving, to avoid the phenomenon of water skiing should choose straight hook and when the wide groove of the pattern is not only good drainage can reduce consumption. Secondary road will choose a high degree of wear-resistant tires, bus are basically high-speed or urban roads, good road conditions, high speed to choose a straight line pattern is the sun tires, mixing station vehicles mixed most of the road, Passenger Car Tyres to choose a mixed pattern Is the flower.

First of all models do not have to say that generally know, but also to understand what pattern of the card bus tires, then we must choose the speed level, many owners do not agree, Passenger Car Tyres in fact, this is very important if the tire speed level is not easy high-speed puncture. So according to their own vehicles and transport conditions to select the speed level, Passenger Car Tyres the letter on the tire K said the maximum speed of 110. The letter L represents the highest speed of 120. The M level represents the highest speed of 130. This detail must be noted that it is very important.