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Passenger Car Tyres Performance

Sep 30, 2017

In general, the normal use of the tire life four to five years, five years later passenger car tires even tread wear small change better, because the rubber surface due to the aging time, and the cause of the many small crack is one of the reasons for the tire. Car tyres as an example, the aging of a part of the tire tread is edge or of the baby's shoulders, such as edge, sun and rain for a long time can make the rubber surface into a small circle of cracks, the cracks show that the bearing capacity and quality of the tire begin to decline at this time, in order to reduce the risk of a flat tire

In addition to aging, tires are also natural wear. As a result, the factory tires of the bus tire will mark the side wear limit of the tire to indicate the real time wear of the tire. In no tyre wear signs, we can also use the caliper (or special wheel tread size), general groove depth is less than 1.6 mm of tires can't continue to use, because the performance and the resistance of the tire performance will be significantly reduced. In addition, if the tire has been repaired three or four times, we recommend that you replace the tyre with a non-drive or rear wheel to reduce the risk of blowout.

Of course, the life of a car tire has a lot to do with normal use. First of all, we must ensure that the tires are under normal tire pressure, and the tire pressure of the passenger car tire is too low or too high. Need to remind you don't believe his eyes to see, because now most of the auto assembly without inner low pressure radial tyre, sometimes felt a bit flat from the outside, car tyres, but does not mean that a certain loss of gas, professional tire pressure instrument to detect the only way to tire pressure. In addition, the pressure of the test tire must be in the case of a cold tire condition. The measurement of the car tire should be reduced by 0.3PA if it is a thermal tire measurement

Tire positioning, namely four-wheel positioning. In the literal sense, passenger car tires it feels like it is associated with four wheels, in fact, car wheels, damping, steering wheel and other chassis between objects in the installation of a relative position, the relative position of the device is called the four-wheel positioning.

The distance and Angle of the relative position are four-wheel positioning parameters, and we make four rounds to create problems around these parameters. By adjusting these parameters, the car tires can be in the best shape. Some four-wheel positioning parameters, including front wheel, front wheel arch, rear wheel front beam, and passenger car tire inclination, etc., have some unadjustable parameters.

Four-wheel positioning are not allowed to cause vehicle and tire wear, but also leads to cars floating, sideslip instability, and suspension system, steering parts wear abnormalities, passenger tire seriously affect driving safety, therefore owners need to pay attention to the four-wheel positioning.