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Passenger Car Tyres Regular Balance Check

Oct 25, 2017

Bus tires in the choice of tires, recommend a full set of replacement, if the conditions are not allowed with the original tire models the same, otherwise it will affect the performance of the tire. New tires are used in front wheels, passenger tires are replaced by more than 2, preferably using two new tires on the front wheels.

Must be based on the actual transport road to select the appropriate pattern, if the road, in order to avoid the phenomenon of water skiing Select the hook and groove width is not only good drainage can reduce consumption. Second-class road selection height wear-resistant tires, car tires bus is basically high-speed or urban road, road is good, choose the speed of straight line mode is Shunhua tires, mixing station vehicles most of the mixed road, choose mixed mode is flowers The

The first model Needless to say generally know that also know the pattern of car tires, the second choice of speed level, many owners do not agree, passenger tires In fact this is very important if the tires speed level is not easy to high speed burst Tire tires. Therefore, according to their vehicle and traffic conditions to select the speed level, the maximum value of the letter K on the tire 110. The letter L represents the highest speed of 120. The m level represents the maximum speed of 130. Bus tires This detail must be marked, very important.

We know that food is a certain shelf life, in fact, tires also have shelf life, if you encounter refurbished tires, not only security risks, but also to make their lives change at all times! Do not because the price of temptation to choose to refurbish tires, too much damage, Once the risk of regret, refurbished tires are usually used outside the old core to do a new glue, which is a typical fetus appearance. Very dangerous.

When the tire temperature rises to extreme temperatures, the passenger tires will burst. After a long high speed, the tire temperature is high, should reduce the speed or stop cooling, and should try to avoid strong direct sun tires. Do not cool air or cold water, which can cause damage to the tire.

Regular balance check

At the edge of the wheel, you usually see one or more aluminum pieces, and the bus tires do not underestimate these small things, and they can play an indispensable role in the balance of the tires. By adjusting the mass and position distribution of small aluminum blocks, it is possible to compensate the uneven distribution of the mass of the entire wheel so as to achieve the purpose of balancing the wheels.

Regular replacement of tires

Due to the different load distribution of the front and rear axles, the difference between the drive wheel and the drive gear is different from that of the road surface, and the wear of each tire is different. In order to obtain the best tire wear conditions, regular replacement of tires is a good solution.