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Passenger Car Tyres Reliability

Jun 16, 2017

Active system is used in the silicon on the use of mems process to produce capacitive or piezoresistive pressure sensor, the pressure sensor installed in each wheel, Passenger Car Tyres the way through the radio frequency signal to send out, installed in the cab wireless The receiving device receives the pressure sensitive signal and undergoes a certain signal processing to show the current tire pressure.

The advantage of active technology is that the technology is more mature, the development of the module can be applied to the label of the tire, but the shortcomings of the more prominent, the sensor module requires battery power, so there is the problem of system life.

Passive tire pressure monitoring system sensor is designed using a surface acoustic wave, which generates a surface acoustic wave through a radio frequency electric field. When the surface acoustic wave passes through the surface of the piezoelectric substrate material, it changes, Such a change in the surface acoustic wave, you can know the tire pressure situation. Although this technology does not have battery power, Passenger Car Tyres but it needs to be integrated into the tire transponder, the tire manufacturers need to establish a common standard is possible to implement.

Tire pressure monitoring system to detect the tire pressure anomalies, only with high resolution to have high accuracy. Battery life is limited, and the capacity is also affected by temperature. In order to improve the reliability of the system, the sensor is best for passive detection. The study shows that the information collected by the tire pressure sensor can be used to monitor and correct the navigation system of the vehicle suspension system. Therefore, the future of the car pressure sensor should be set in a variety of functions in a passive intelligent sensor.

Automotive sensors are the fastest growing and most used sensor in recent years. The development of the domestic automobile industry has stimulated the development of automotive pressure sensors. The advanced manufacturing technology and process technology have made the performance of sensors higher and higher. Tire pressure monitoring is also Increased accuracy.

Tire pressure will change with the temperature changes, Passenger Car Tyres the temperature per liter / down 10 ℃, the pressure also increases / falls 0.07-0.14 kg / square centimeter; air pressure must be measured in the tire cooling, and after the measurement must be the valve cap it is good.

Please develop the habit of using barometer to measure air pressure, can not be judged by the naked eye. Sometimes run off a lot of pressure, the tire looks but not too deflated. Monthly should be checked at least once the pressure (including spare tire), spare tire pressure to charge a relatively high, so as not to run away.

Before the expressway is running, Passenger Car Tyres it is necessary to ensure that the air pressure is correct. Normally when the expressway is running, the tire pressure should be increased by 10% to reduce the heat generated by the flexion and improve the safety of the traffic.

The two tires on the same axle should be exactly the same pattern, and should be filled with the same pressure, otherwise it will affect the vehicle driving and control.

Tire pressure will cause the tire to overheat. Low pressure so that the tires of the ground area is not uniform, tread or ply delamination, tread groove and fetal shoulder crack, cord breakage, fetal shoulder parts quickly wear, shorten the tire life; increase the bead and rims Between the abnormal friction, Passenger Car Tyres causing fetal fat injury, or tire and rim from the break, and even puncture; at the same time will increase the rolling resistance, increase fuel consumption, but also affect the vehicle control, serious even lead to traffic accidents.

High pressure is the body weight concentrated in the tread center, leading to rapid wear center tread. When the impact of external forces, prone to trauma or even burst tread; tension is too large, resulting in tread and tread bottom tread bottom crack; tire grip reduction, Passenger Car Tyres brake performance; vehicle beating, comfort reduction, vehicle suspension system easily damaged.

If the tire pressure is less than 20% of the standard, the temporary qi can only be a buffer in the case of emergency, can not fundamentally solve the problem, you must as soon as possible to the nearest tire shop to remove the tire, by professionals to check.

A small tire piercing, if not dealt with in the end will lead to casualties. Please always check the whole carcass whether there are nails, iron chips, glass fragments, stones and other hard objects pierced, or other bruises, these potential risks may lead to tire leakage.