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Passenger Car Tyres The Biggest Misunderstanding

Aug 22, 2017

Here you introduce the bus bus the biggest mistake: put on new tires immediately on the road

Automotive rubber tires have been invented for hundreds of years history, manufacturing process is also changing, able to withstand a variety of deformation, high and low temperature and complex road conditions for car driving to provide basic support. In the case of good maintenance, each tire can support the vehicle driving 56,000 km. However, if the maintenance into the misunderstanding, car tires at any time from a reliable helper into a time bomb, so that driving into a nightmare. The following is the tire maintenance of the eight errors, to understand, the key moment with the need.

Misunderstanding 1: driving back soon to wash the car

Some owners are more "diligent", the car home just stopped, it is necessary to stick to the dust on the road cleaning mud down, so for the tire is not good. Because just stopped, the tires are still hot, immediately rinse with cold water, tires easier to harden and aging.

Misunderstanding 2: pet urine will corrode tires

Now a lot of people pet, some dogs will be from time to time to the tire next to the urine area, which makes a lot of owners are troubled, worried that the tire rubber will be corroded, in fact, this fear is completely unnecessary. Cats, dogs and other pets do not react with the rubber, the aging effect is also minimal. Car wheel surface are also anti-corrosion treatment, strong acid and alkali have a resistance, not to mention a pet of a bubble of urine.

Misunderstanding 3: tires can be used for ten years

General household cars in the integrated road conditions, the use of tires and replacement time can refer to two criteria: First, the use of time should not exceed 5 years; or integrated road traffic mileage of not more than 60,000 km. If the owner often traveling on non-pavement, should be based on tire wear, change the tire more.

Misunderstanding 4: change the tire just need to replace the damaged

If the four tires size, structure and wear status is inconsistent, will affect the vehicle handling and stability. So the four tires are best to use the same brand, the same specifications, so as to ensure the best performance of the vehicle.

In the tire wear needs to be replaced, if a tire problems, it is best to replace the four tires at the same time. Even if some cases can not be replaced all the time, at least to ensure that the same axle two tires at the same time replacement. Vehicles for each 10,000 km, you can adjust the tires, tires can prevent irregular wear, thereby extending tire life.

Misunderstanding 5: change the tire can be on the road

Some owners are more frugal, after the tire for a lot of projects to save on the province. In fact, after replacing the tires, some items must be done, such as dynamic balance and four wheel positioning.

Dynamic balance is to adjust the tire weight balance, generally as long as the "moving" after the tire, need to do. As the wheels are composed of tires and wheels, the mass distribution of the parts after replacing the tires can not be completely uniform. When the wheels rotate at high speed, the "unbalanced" state is formed, causing the vehicle to shake and steering wheel vibration.

To avoid this phenomenon, replace the tire with a balancing machine to test the balance of the tire rim in motion, by increasing the counterweight at the unbalanced point, ensuring that the wheel corrects the balance of the edges.

Four-wheel positioning is through the tuning of tires and steering, suspension and other components of the geometric angle to ensure that the tire and the ground closely. After replacing the tire, be sure to do some four-wheel positioning, to prevent positioning is not allowed to lead to excessive wear and tear, affecting the car can be manipulated and safe.

Misunderstanding 6: tire pressure as high as possible, you can save fuel

Car tire pressure is insufficient, the tire sidewall will be too loose, easy to cause uneven tire wear, and increase fuel consumption. Some owners will think that tire pressure can be raised a little, can help save fuel. But if the inflated too much, the tire will be more vulnerable to external shocks, but also easily lead to uneven wear and tear, more tire temperature, tire pressure to further improve the risk of puncture.

Misunderstanding 7: summer temperature rise, tire pressure can be low, to prevent puncture

With the increase in vehicle distance, the tire temperature will rise, this time tire pressure than the cold tire state has increased, many owners believe that this will increase the risk of puncture. In fact, after driving for some time, the tire temperature will stabilize, tire pressure will not continue to increase. If the fear of tire pressure increases the risk of puncture and deflated, will cause the tire in the process of moving the carcass deformation increases, but will increase fuel consumption, affecting tire life. In fact, as long as the tire pressure in the normal range, there will be no excessive wear or puncture risk, do not have to adjust the tire pressure.

Misunderstanding 8: ordinary cars can also use puncture tire

Some owners said, since the consequences of such a serious tire, it directly into the tire tires off it, which is wrong.

Explosion-proof tire called "deflated tires", is through the ordinary tires in the sidewall of the tire, etc. made after optimization. Corresponding, equipped with a puncture car in the chassis, suspension, rims and other parts of the crest has a special design. Ordinary household car replacement tire, will affect the comfort and handling.