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Passenger Car Tyres The Details Must Be Noted

Jun 02, 2017

Passenger Car Tyres When choosing a tire, recommend a full set of replacement, if the conditions do not allow the same with the original tire model pattern, otherwise affect the performance of the tire. The new tires to be applied to the front wheel, Passenger Car Tyres the replacement of more than two, it is best to use the front wheel with two new tyres.

Must according to the actual transportation road to choose the corresponding pattern, if the road, to avoid the phenomenon of water skiing to choose straight hook and the width of the groove is not only good drainage can reduce consumption. Second-class road to choose a high degree of wear-resistant tires, Passenger Car Tyres buses are basically high-speed or urban roads, good road, the speed of the choice of straight line pattern is the shun Hua tires, mixing station vehicles most of the mixed road, to choose the mixed pattern is the flower.

The first model needless to say that generally know, also know what the pattern of the card bus tires, the next to choose the speed level, a lot of car owners disagree, Passenger Car Tyres in fact this is very important, if the tire speed level is not easy to high speed puncture tire. Therefore, according to their vehicle and transport conditions to choose the speed level, the letter K on the tires on the maximum speed of 110. The letter L represents the maximum speed of 120. The M-class represents the maximum speed of 130. Passenger Car Tyres This detail must be noted, very important.

We know that food is a certain shelf life, in fact, the tire also has their shelf life, if you encounter renovation tires, not only security has hidden dangers, but also let their lives minutes change no! Do not because the price temptation to choose to renovate tires, too much harm, Passenger Car Tyres once the risk of regret, refurbished tires are generally used outside the old core to do a new glue, this is a typical appearance of the fetus. Very dangerous.

When the fetal temperature rises to the extreme temperature, Passenger Car Tyres it produces a blow-out. After a long time high speed driving, the tire temperature is very high, should reduce the speed or stop cooling, and should try to avoid strong direct sunlight tires. Do not put gas pressure or cold water cooling, which will cause damage to the tires.

Regular balance Checks

At the rim of the wheel, you will usually see one or more small pieces of aluminum, Passenger Car Tyres do not underestimate these small things, they can play an indispensable role in the balance of the tire. By adjusting the quality of these small aluminum blocks and their position distribution, it can make up the uneven distribution of mass on the whole wheel, thus achieving the goal of balancing the wheel.

Regular replacement of tires

Because of the different distribution load of front and rear axle, the difference between driving wheel and driven gear and the condition of road surface, the wear condition of each tyre is not the same. In order to obtain the best tire wear condition, the regular replacement of the tyre is a good solution.