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Passenger Car Tyres The Performance

Oct 11, 2017

Select the tire, recommend a full set of replacement, if the conditions are not allowed to ensure that the pattern with the original tire similar, otherwise affect the performance of the tire. Passenger Car Tyres New tires should be used in the front wheel, the replacement of more than two, it is best to use the front wheel with two new tires.

Must be based on the actual transport road conditions to select the corresponding pattern, if the road driving, to avoid the phenomenon of water skiing should choose straight hook and when the wide groove of the pattern is not only good drainage can reduce consumption. Secondary road will choose a high degree of wear-resistant tires, bus are basically high-speed or urban roads, good road conditions, Passenger Car Tyres high speed to choose a straight line pattern is the sun tires, mixing station vehicles mixed most of the road, to choose a mixed pattern Is the flower.

First of all models do not have to say that generally know, but also to understand what pattern of the card bus tires, then we must choose the speed level, Passenger Car Tyres many owners do not agree, in fact, this is very important if the tire speed level is not easy high-speed puncture. So according to their own vehicles and transport conditions to select the speed level, the letter on the tire K said the maximum speed of 110. The letter L represents the highest speed of 120. The M level represents the highest speed of 130. This detail must be noted that it is very important.

In fact, tires also have their shelf life, if you encounter refurbished tires, not only for security risks, but also make their own life minutes do not change it! Do not because the price of the temptation to choose to refurbish the tires, the harm is too great, in the event of danger regret, Passenger Car Tyres refurbished tires are generally done outside the old nuclear again, this is a typical appearance of the tire. very dangerous.

Usually car tires are divided into two tires and tires. These two kinds of pneumatic tire structure is no difference, are rubber parts and ply composition, Passenger Car Tyres and tires to help the car against the external force of the core component is the ply, many people mistakenly think that those thick rubber parts, it is not. Rubber in the use of the tire is played a seal, Passenger Car Tyres wear and cushion and some other role. Oblique tires are known from the literal, because the cord is crossed by each other, hence the name.

From the point of view of safety, since the surface of the vacuum tire is rubber, the surface tension after the inflation will increase, so that there is a certain pressure relative to the inner surface. Passenger Car Tyres Once the nail is punctured, In the presence of this pressure, the tires will not collapse all of a sudden, which is why sometimes, we tires were nails and other sharp objects after the bar, but also the normal driving a few hundred kilometers of the reasons. By the way remind you riders, encounter this situation, Passenger Car Tyres nails do not pull out, as soon as possible in a short time to replace the tires in the time to deal with, before or do so can be used.