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Passenger Car Tyres The Principle

Jul 11, 2017

Winter temperature is low, Passenger Car Tyres according to the principle of thermal expansion and contraction, winter owners should be appropriate to increase tire inflation pressure to reduce tire wear and tear consumption. But at the same time, if the road surface in the case of ice skid, Passenger Car Tyres the tire inflation pressure is too high will affect the tire grip. Under normal circumstances, Passenger Car Tyres in the cold winter, we recommend the use of 10% -15% higher than the standard inflatable pressure, but can not exceed the product manual specified maximum inflation pressure. In addition, in the cold winter, the owner often check the tire inflation pressure, Passenger Car Tyres when the tire inflation pressure is insufficient, should be promptly added.

In the cold winter, if it is parking after the restart,Passenger Car Tyres because the tire is more rigid, must be started at a lower speed for a period of time before driving at normal speed. Of course, the safest driving in winter is the most important thing to control the speed of travel. Especially in the highway driving, we should pay attention to control the speed, not urgent acceleration, brakes, Passenger Car Tyres so as to ensure safety, Passenger Car Tyres in the cold season, the effective protection of cars and tires, so as to avoid traffic accidents.

In the summer, many owners will pay attention to tire pressure to avoid the occurrence of puncture, in fact, winter should also be concerned about tire pressure. Passenger Car Tyres But it should be noted that the tire pressure will change with the temperature changes in the winter tire pressure should be running in the car for some time to be measured when the tire cooling, and the best at room temperature. Passenger Car Tyres Winter can be appropriate to increase the point of tire pressure (control within the specified range). Because the impact of thermal expansion and contraction, winter tire pressure will be reduced, if not properly increase tire pressure, not only will increase the car's fuel consumption, but also accelerate the wear of car tires, Passenger Car Tyres but also should avoid excessive pressure on the tire pressure, On the control of the car, especially the impact of braking.

Some people feel that driving is not feeling began to play in the original direction, this is a bad habit Yeah, in place to play more easily wear on the same contact surface, which is the local serious wear and tear. We want to avoid this we are in the direction of the tire rolling, Passenger Car Tyres all aspects of uniform wear is considered normal, especially not partial wear, or eat tires, once found to do four rounds of positioning, or tires soon Scrapped.

Sometimes rubbing the wall is in the vehicle when the side accidentally caused, it is estimated that there is no attention to the small bar ~ In fact, the tire side of the tire is a weak part of the wear and tear will cause serious tire bag, it may easily puncture, so in the Close to the parking time, Passenger Car Tyres a lot of attention to the distance between the vehicle and the shoulder, Passenger Car Tyres to avoid rolling the wall. Passenger Car Tyres The most important thing is not to worn or tied to something, this will increase the possibility of puncture, slightly away from a little roadside is not easy to do Well, Passenger Car Tyres parking is not so in place it! And the hub is also inevitably not damaged.