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Winter Tyres Abrasion Resistance

Jun 16, 2017

Car tires as a vehicle in the process of consumption of consumables, unlike the general car in the usual driving a single performance of lubricants. Winter Tyres Car tires include: dry and wet low grip, ice on the brake, snow traction, tire friction noise, slippery tire, rolling resistance, operational stability and tire life of a variety of good and bad performance of the judge, of course, Winter Tyres each year For the automotive industry tires as always, out of the row. Choose a guaranteed brand than some unknown brands of tires in use will have more understanding.

Michelin is a French brand, the tire has a high grip and wear resistance, some riders on the display of Michelin's wear resistance is not as strong as the endurance and the actual reason is often a strong tire tires tend to tire relative to Stronger tires tend to be softer.Winter Tyres Can be in the grip and wear resistance can do so can be so good can be deserved to the first row. Michelin tires are generally positioned as comfortable tires.

Goodyear tires are the US brand, in the past gives the feeling of noise and other characteristics of the tire in the evaluation of its tires have a good performance of the scores, especially the wear resistance has a very good performance. While its UHP UHF tires have the same grip and Pirelli tires as well as competitive. I believe that after the car can also open the process of the more assured.

Winter tires are a common problem, tire tires are often tires and winter snow contact surface friction coefficient than the normal weather under the road surface friction coefficient is low, Winter Tyres the problem is that the performance is insufficient grip. This problem is in fact to supplement the tires after tire pressure can be a certain degree of relief. Tires in the pressure rise when the contact surface with the road will be smaller, Winter Tyres the depth of the tire embedded in the road, the grip will rise. Winter and summer due to the temperature reasons, the same quality of gas to show a lower pressure, so proper filling in the winter is very necessary.

(2) Tire moderate cleaning:

Even in the non-winter this point is also need to pay attention to the usual time to stop the car when the car should be accompanied by attention to the tread groove inside the tires are embedded in the stone nails and glass slag such sharp small particles. Winter in the driver before driving also pay attention to whether the car tires embedded in the treadmill inside the trench, if any, then pay attention to moderate heat with hot water ablation, Winter Tyres one can improve the friction, the two can reduce the damage to the tire The

(3) pay attention to tire wear

Tire wear situation can often be better to judge their own tread on the inclined side there is a 1.6 mm around the tire wear mark. Sometimes a little observation before driving on it, Winter Tyres once the wear and tear of the tire wear should be changed to the change, or even if the big tires of the tire can not guarantee a better winter road anti-skid effect.

The car encountered a lot of problems in the winter is the road slippery, relying on some basic maintenance is not necessarily able to achieve the best anti-skid effect. In the appropriate winter tires and maintenance methods under the joint role in order to better ensure the safe travel in winter.