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Winter Tyres Conservation And Adoption

Jun 02, 2017

Winter Tyres Winter in the north, ice and snow weather and icy roads are really homely. Ice and Snow road driving not only test the driver's driving technology, the vehicle itself is a test, and the tire part is certainly the test focus. Therefore, in order to qualify for the examination, Winter Tyres to ensure that your driving safety, we must pay attention to the maintenance of tires in winter and the use of the correct way of driving.

Winter temperature is low, according to the principle of thermal expansion and contraction, the winter owner should increase the tire inflation pressure to reduce tire wear and tear consumption. But at the same time, if the road freezes and skidding, the inflated pressure on the tires will affect the grip of the tyre.Winter Tyres  Generally, in cold winter, we recommend the use of 10%-15% higher than the standard gas pressure, but not more than the product manual to the maximum gas pressure. In addition, in the cold winter, the owner should always check the tire pressure, when the tire pressure is insufficient, should be supplemented in a timely manner.

In the cold winter, if the shutdown after the restart,Winter Tyres  because the tires are more rigid, must start at a lower speed after a period of time to travel at normal speed. Of course, the most important thing for safe driving in winter is to control the traveling speed. Especially in the highway driving, to pay attention to control the speed, do not hurry up, slam the brakes, so as to ensure safety, in the cold season, Winter Tyres effectively protect the car and tires, so as to avoid traffic accidents occurred.

The traction and grip of the new tires and the old tires vary widely, and the tires that are badly worn, even the winter tyres, do not work on the icy roads. Therefore, Winter Tyres tires should be replaced in a timely fashion, the tires used in the pattern depth of 1.6 mm wear marks, in the normal use of the premise, tire wear to reach the point where the projection needs to be replaced.

Control the speed of travel, in the winter, if the parking after the restart stop, because the tires are more rigid, it must be at a lower speed after the start after a period of time, in order to travel at ordinary speeds. At the same time, in high-speed driving, try to avoid rapid acceleration, braking.

Before and after driving in winter, pay attention to tire cleaning. Before driving, to check whether the tire pattern groove is covered with snow, if yes, then to clean up, Winter Tyres if the ice in the tire is very hard, do not force to pry, also can not be poured water on the tires, with room temperature water to the tread surface can be poured. At the same time to check whether there are stones, iron blocks, nails and other foreign bodies, such as, in time to clean up.

In the ice and snow weather to install anti-skid chain,Winter Tyres will damage the tires and shock absorbers, if your flat rate of tires is very low, will damage the wheel, the tire bulge, greatly reduce the tire life.