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Winter Tyres Design

Jul 11, 2017

Winter tires rely on a special pattern design, Winter Tyres after special treatment for low temperature environment, rubber material, can help the vehicle in the snow on the frozen road more stable.

But now the pace of spring has been quietly, Winter Tyres the use of winter tires to go from here? Can other tires continue to be used in other seasons? Should I immediately return to summer tires? Replace the winter tires how to save? Today we come for everyone to answer one by one.

In the tire replacement, remember to replace the four tires at the same time, because part of the replacement in use will cause four wheels and the ground adhesion is uneven, Winter Tyres which will cause potential security risks.

Ms. Wang in the car when the car is particularly careful, she will often check the tires within the tires are debris, once the debris she will immediately clean up. "I think the tires really like their own feet, Winter Tyres if the tire appears within the debris, in the drive when there will be bumpy feeling.Winter Tyres In order to make tires more longevity, but also for the safety of driving, it is recommended that owners often clean up Out of the debris within the tread.

Some owners in order to save money, will the winter tires as a four seasons tire perennial use. As everyone knows, this is a very dangerous behavior. Winter Tyres Because the winter tire material and pattern design on the different winter tires in the normal road running noise, Winter Tyres fuel consumption will be significantly increased, but increased the cost of the car, while the winter tire to bear the speed limit than the four seasons tire has been reduced,Winter Tyres so Limit speed will be affected. Therefore, Winter Tyres the use of winter tires in the summer is very wrong behavior.

Compared with all-weather tires, the winter tires are different in the formula and the material is relatively softer, the tread is relatively wider and deeper, Winter Tyres and can provide more grip and slip resistance on the snow and ice road, and the safety of the winter tires The design of the highest speed should be lower than all-weather tires. Winter Tyres Therefore, the owner can not be the same as the weather tires to travel.

All tires in the tread depth of 1.6mm wear mark, Winter Tyres this mark is placed in a large tire within the measured rubber column, known as the "tread wear mark", marked next to the "tread wear mark" English abbreviation " TWI ". In normal use, where the tire wear reaches this mark, Winter Tyres it means that the tire needs to be replaced.

Owners are easy to overlook is that in the winter, the low temperature will affect the tire pressure. According to the principle of thermal expansion and contraction, with the temperature drop, Winter Tyres tire pressure will be reduced, Winter Tyres this time can be appropriate to the tire to increase the appropriate tire pressure to compensate for tire and ground friction