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Winter Tyres Meet The Required Pressure

Oct 18, 2017

Tires can be said to be a car can move the necessary conditions, Winter Tyres the role of the same as our human feet. Have feet, we can do thousands of miles. There are tires, cars can line thousands of miles. Therefore, for the maintenance of car tires, we need to increase attention.

Tire valve cap usually we have little attention, but once lost will lead to slow air leakage, so that tires in the state of the lack of air, which will increase the tire wear, Winter Tyres car driving resistance will increase, not only more oil, tires The noise increases, and the tire is more prone to deformation when the vehicle turns, greatly reducing the tire life.

In daily use, pay attention to keep the required pressure. Winter Tyres Tire pressure is too high and too low is not a good thing, high is easy to puncture, low is easy to damage the tires, it should be in accordance with the requirements of manufacturers to maintain the standard tire pressure.

As the vehicle in the design of the majority of drivers to consider the feelings and needs, coupled with the cost and other considerations, the original tire is indeed not the best choice, Winter Tyres after the conversion can indeed improve the handling of vehicles.

Compared with the tire pressure and tread wear, the sidewall if the injury, Winter Tyres the severity is much higher than the crown problem, especially due to cord breakage caused by the drum package, if not seriously, may lead to puncture accident.

Tire inside the hidden danger is the most dangerous, Winter Tyres because if you do not unload the owner did not know.

If the tire damage is very serious, but also hidden in the inside so usually can not find the place, then unaware of the owners on the high-speed, if the journey is longer, Winter Tyres once the problem is very serious. So the test tire must do professional all-round detection.

Usually when driving, Winter Tyres some drivers in the start when the throttle is given a lot, there are many owners did not follow the "far judgment, near handling" driving principle, Winter Tyres often very close to the brakes in the end, we in the There are often harsh brakes on the road.

Tire in the brakes and anxious start, it is easy to cause excessive local wear and tear, Winter Tyres so long-term will make some parts of the tire quickly polished, shorten the tire life.