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Winter Tyres Proper Use And Maintenance

Sep 04, 2017

Winter tires are specially designed for winter driving pavement. It has a special tonic formula and tread pattern, can guarantee the safety performance in winter weather conditions, play the best performance of the car. And Michelin winter tires in all aspects of outstanding performance in 2004 began to winter tire consumer satisfaction survey, Michelin for 11 consecutive years of winter tire satisfaction first.

Winter tires are designed at the beginning of the block pattern, as well as in the block on the increase in small patterns, used to increase the grip in the snow performance. While the winter tires in the design of the beginning of the technology will be easier to enhance the driving capacity in the snow, so the beginning of the winter tires by people image called "snow tires." But the snow is always going to melt, the ice will always lose no time to come. Improve the ice driving capacity has become the focus of the tire manufacturers. It now appears that Japanese manufacturers still like block patterns, such as Bridgestone, Dunlop, gifted giants, and so on, while the European manufacturers are more inclined to guide the pattern and non-forming patterns, which is a block pattern do not have. While the non-symmetrical pattern is able to provide good complex road driving performance.

Investigation on Consumer Satisfaction in Winter

According to the anti-skid performance of the winter tires are divided into jagged tires, snow tires and anti-skid tires three specifications. Since J.D. POWER began in 2004 on the winter tire consumer satisfaction survey, Michelin winter tire for 11 consecutive years to obtain consumer satisfaction first.

Proper use and maintenance of winter tires

First, the appropriate tire pressure to ensure the safety of winter driving

Winter temperature is low, according to the principle of thermal expansion and contraction, tire tire pressure will change. So the winter owners should be appropriate to increase tire pressure to reduce tire wear and tear consumption. But at the same time, if the road in the case of ice skid, the tire pressure will affect the tire tire adhesion. So in order to increase the tire adhesion, the owner can be appropriate in the winter to reduce tire pressure. Under normal circumstances, in the cold winter, we recommend to maintain 10 to 15% higher than the standard tire pressure, but can not exceed the product manual specified maximum tire pressure. But the road is not snow, ice, do not need to reduce tire pressure, otherwise it will affect the tire braking. In addition, in the cold winter, the owner often check the tire tire pressure, when the tire pressure is insufficient, it should be increased.

Second, strengthen the protection of clean

In the cold winter before driving, after all pay special attention to tire cleaning. Before driving, to check whether the tread groove is covered by snow and ice, if it is, will have to clean up. If the ice caught in the groove is very hard, you can not force pry digging, can not pour hot water to the tire surface. With the surface of the tarpaulin tires at room temperature can be, and then start the car, low speed driving for some time after the normal speed. After driving, to check the tire groove is caught with stones, iron or nails and other hard objects, if any, to immediately clean up.

Third, the safety wear mark

The difference between the new tires and the traction and grip of the old tires is very different. Those tires that are very bad wear, even the winter tires, can not play a role in the ice and snow on the road. Therefore, the tire should be replaced according to wear and tear in a timely manner. All the tires in the pattern depth of 1.6 mm there are wear marks, where there are wear marks have a small bump, the boss called "tread wear mark", next to the "tread wear mark" in English Abbreviation "TWI". Under the premise of normal use, the tire wear to reach this raised place on the need to replace the tire.

Fourth, the tire width and narrow

We have a wide tire traction is greater than the narrow tire of the impression, so those who use more luxury cars with good control of the wide tire. But not in the dry road, in the snow and ice weather, narrow tire snow traction is greater than the wide tires. Because the ice and snow, the tire traction is not by the friction between the tire and the ground, but by the tread pattern in depth and snow, and ice and snow mutual bite and get. Wide fetal contact with the ground area, the pressure is small, the tread pattern is difficult to penetrate the ice and snow, so traction but less than narrow tire. Only the kind of snow is deep, there may be caught in the case of the wheel, the tires of the traction will be better than the narrow tires.