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Winter Tyres Satisfaction

Oct 17, 2017

Winter tires are specially designed for winter driving. It has special tire formula and tread pattern, which can guarantee driving safety in winter weather conditions and give full play to the best performance of the car.

Generally speaking, 7 ℃ below the best replacement winter tyres, whether in any road, is a common summer tires at low temperature glue to harden and grip ability fell dramatically, the braking performance of the tire (brake performance) decreases, therefore, safety not guaranteed. The design of winter tire with special tread glue and pattern design can enhance the performance of the tire and ensure the safety of driving in winter

Tip: when the tire replacement, remember to replace the four tires at the same time, because part of the change in use will cause four wheels with the ground adhesion uneven, which will cause potential safety hazard. It is easy to overlook the effect of low temperature on tire pressure during the winter months. According to the principle of heat bilges cold shrink, with the reduction of temperature would also reduce the tire pressure value, this can give appropriate increase point of tire pressure appropriately, to make up for smaller tire friction with the ground, the defects of braking performance weakened. But overcharging can also cause a drop in the grip of the tire, affecting the comfort of the control. Therefore, in order to increase the adhesion of the tire, the winter car owner can reduce the tire pressure properly.


Winter tires are designed with blocky patterns and tiny patterns on the tiles to increase the performance of the ground in the snow. And the technology of winter fetus in the beginning of the design will be easier to improve the driving ability in the snow, so the beginning of the winter fetus is known as "snow tire". But the snow always melts and ice always loses its time. The ability to lift the ice has become a focus of tyre manufacturers. Now it seems that Japanese manufacturers still like block patterns, such as bridgestone, Dunlop, optimal haoma, Oriental, etc., while European firms tend to be more inclined to oriented pattern and the forming patterns, this is what block pattern does not have. The asymmetric pattern can provide good driving performance for complicated road conditions.

Survey of consumer satisfaction in winter

According to the road anti-slip performance winter tire is divided into three specifications: zigzag tread, snow tire and skid tyre. Since J.D. POWER began to survey winter fetal consumer satisfaction in 2004, Michelin has won the first place in consumer satisfaction for eleven consecutive years.

In order to reflect the change of the winter tire brand market. J.D. POWER has adjusted the tire research and evaluation standards of various brands. It mainly measures the satisfaction degree of consumers from six aspects:

1. The grip and control of the ice (25%);

2. Appearance (weight 17%);

3. Quiet comfort degree (17% weight);

4. Wear resistance (weight 15%);

5. Snow grip and control (weight 13%);

6. Dry/wetland grip and control (weight 13%).