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Winter Tyres Specially Designed

Aug 22, 2017

Winter tires are specially designed for winter driving pavement. It has a special tonic formula and tread pattern, can guarantee the safety performance in winter weather conditions, play the best performance of the car. And Michelin winter tires in all aspects of outstanding performance in 2004 began to winter tire consumer satisfaction survey, Michelin for 11 consecutive years of winter tire satisfaction first.

Generally speaking, 7 ℃ below the best replacement of winter tires, whether in any road, the reason is the ordinary summer tires at low temperatures when the glue hardened, the grip capacity is extremely low, the tire braking performance (braking performance) So the decline, driving safety is not guaranteed. The winter tires through a special tread rubber design and pattern design can enhance the performance of tire grip to ensure the safety of winter traffic.

Tips: In the tire replacement, remember to replace the four tires at the same time, because part of the replacement in use will cause four wheels and the ground adhesion is uneven, it will cause potential security risks. Owners are easy to overlook is that in the winter, the low temperature will affect the tire pressure. According to the principle of thermal expansion and contraction, with the temperature drop, tire pressure will be reduced, this time appropriate to the tire to increase the appropriate tire pressure to compensate for the tire and ground friction becomes smaller, the brake performance weakened defects. But the excessive inflation will also cause the tire to drop, affecting the comfort of the control. So in order to increase the tire adhesion, winter owners can be appropriate to reduce tire pressure.

According to the anti-slip performance of the winter tires are divided into three kinds of zigzag tires, snow tires and anti-skid tires. Since J.D. POWER began in 2004 on the winter tire consumer satisfaction survey, Michelin winter tires for 11 consecutive years to obtain consumer satisfaction first.