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Winter Tyres The Performance

Nov 06, 2017

The automobile tire is the consumable product in the automobile traveling process, is different from ordinary automobile ordinary traveling lubricating oil single performance. Car tires include: wet and dry low grip, ice on braking, snow traction, tire friction noise, slip tires, rolling resistance, Winter Tyres operating stability and the life of the tires a variety of evaluation of the quality of the performance, of course, the annual automobile industry tire rankings as always.

Originated in Finnish Nokia City and mobile phone brand Nokia originated in the same location. The original power of origin includes the use of refined low aromatic petroleum materials. Winter Tyres The wear resistance and the grip force of the automobile can be improved by adding the renewable material rapeseed oil to the tread gum. Under the condition of almost wear-resisting force, compared to Michelin tires have a relatively lower price.

Winter for tires is a special season, Winter Tyres often a lot of time tires can not be in the icing on the ground to achieve a good skid-proof, for the owner is also a driving skills test. Doing some of the necessary tire maintenance can reduce unnecessary hassles to a certain extent:

(1) Winter Tire inflation pressure Guarantee:

Tire skidding is a common problem in winter, tire skidding is often the tire and winter snow contact surface friction coefficient is lower than the normal weather under the road surface friction coefficient, Winter Tyres the problem is the lack of grip. This problem can be alleviated after the tire pressure is replenished. When the pressure rises, the tyres will be less exposed to the road surface, Winter Tyres the more the tyre is embedded in the road and the grip will increase. Winter and summer because of the temperature, the same quality of gas shows a lower pressure, so it is very necessary to properly inflate in winter.

(2) Moderately clean tires:

Even in the non-winter this point is also needed attention, Winter Tyres usually when the car stopped when the car should be taken to note that the tire pattern groove inside is embedded with stone nails and glass slag such a sharp small particles. In the winter before drivers should also pay attention to the car tires are embedded in the pattern ditch, if there is a need to pay attention to the use of warm water to moderate ablation, Winter Tyres one can improve the friction, the second can also reduce the damage to the tires of borneol.

Tire wear conditions can often be better judged, the side of the tire itself on the slant of a 1.6 mm tire wear mark. Sometimes a little observation before the car can be, Winter Tyres once the tire wear marks should be worn to change the stage, or even the most capable tires can not guarantee a better winter road non-slip effect.

The car encountered a lot of problems in winter is the road surface skidding, relying on some basic maintenance does not necessarily achieve the best non-slip effect. Winter Tyres In the appropriate winter tires and maintenance methods together to better ensure the safe travel in winter.