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Winter Tyres Traffic Safety

Aug 09, 2017

Snow tires, also known as winter tires, are actually different. Winter Tyres The real snow tires, for the purpose of enhancing grip, are equipped with nails, suitable for winter cold areas and where snow is easy. In some special parts of Europe and Russia, there are laws that require snow-tires to be safe in the snow season. But in our country, the snow tires with anti-skid nails are forbidden,Winter Tyres because this kind of tyre can cause a certain degree of damage to the asphalt pavement.

International standard is suitable for less than 7 ℃ under the use of tires called winter tires. Winter tires compared with the common four-year tyres, the winter tires used natural rubber and silica ratio is greater, therefore, under low temperature conditions, the tire hardening degree is lower than the four Seasons tires, Winter Tyres and the tread groove is wider and deeper, the car in the ice and snow to provide a stronger grip and non-slip, to ensure the low temperature of the car adhesion, play the best performance of vehicles. Winter Tyres Therefore, in China, especially the vast number of car owners in the north, in the winter will be four tires to replace all the winter tires are very necessary, can be to the maximum extent to ensure that our driving safety.

Winter tires are for snow and ice weather. From the appearance, different from the ordinary or single guide tires, snow tires have asymmetric directional tread patterns, Winter Tyres snow tires more than the groove, that is, the proportion of the tire surface groove, the higher the proportion, the better the drainage. Winter Tyres Snow tires small groove more than at least 1000, the average tire about 200.

Winter tires are softer, so they are more susceptible to wear than summer tires. Winter Tyres Winter tires and snow tires are also useful life, if the winter tire pattern depth of wear limit or the use of more than 6 years, it must be replaced. Some car owners in order to save money only in the drive wheel replacement of two tires, Winter Tyres this is extremely unsafe, should be four wheel replacement.

After changing the winter tires, on the normal road will have the same feeling of using the Four Seasons tires, tires seem to stick on the ground, steering, acceleration is slower than normal half beat, Winter Tyres which is the characteristics of the winter tires, but also to increase the vehicle fuel consumption is obvious, but compared with security, increase one points fuel consumption is nothing.

The owner of the car, Ms. Wang in the use of special care, she will often check the tire tread lines have debris, once there is debris she will immediately clean out. "I think the tires are really like their feet, Winter Tyres if there is debris in the tread, there will be a bumpy feeling when driving." In order to make the tires longer life, but also for the safety of driving, it is recommended that the owner should often clean up the debris in the tread. ”

Some car owners in order to save money, the winter tires will be used as four-year tyres. Not surprisingly, this is a very dangerous behavior. Winter Tyres Because of the different material and design of the tire in winter, the noise and fuel consumption of the tires on the normal road will increase obviously, Winter Tyres but the cost of the car can be increased, and the speed limit of the tire in winter is lower than that of the four seasons, so the limit speed will be affected. Therefore, the use of winter tires in summer is very improper behavior.

Compared with the All-weather tire, the Winter Tire choice formula is different thus the material is relatively soft, the tread groove is relatively wider and deeper, Winter Tyres can provide stronger grip and non-slip in the ice and Snow Road, the official for the safety of driving, the top speed of the winter tyre design is lower than the All-weather tyre. Therefore, the car owners can not drive the same as the All-weather tires.