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Winter Tyres Very Different

Jul 24, 2017

Tire pressure should not be too high or too low. Winter Tyres Tire rubber in the winter will be hard and relatively brittle, the friction coefficient will be reduced, Winter Tyres so the tire pressure can not be too high, but not too low. External air temperature is low, tire pressure is too low, soft tire can accelerate aging.

To always clean up. Winter should always clean up the tire within the inclusions, try to avoid the use of more than once tires, replace the larger wear and different brands of different tires.

Should be replaced regularly. Tire inside and outside wear is very different, in order to ensure safety to reduce wear and tear, should be regularly replaced to the tire position. Winter temperature is low, according to the principle of thermal expansion and contraction, Winter Tyres winter owners should be appropriate to increase tire inflation pressure to reduce tire wear and tear consumption. But at the same time, Winter Tyres if the road in the case of icing slip, the tire inflation pressure is too high will affect the tire grip.

Under normal circumstances, in the cold winter, Winter Tyres we recommend the use of 10% -15% higher than the standard inflation pressure, but can not exceed the product manual specified maximum inflation pressure. In addition, in the cold winter, the owner often check the tire inflation pressure, Winter Tyres when the tire inflation pressure is insufficient, should be promptly added

In the cold winter, if it is parking after the restart, Winter Tyres because the tire is more rigid, must be started at a lower speed for a period of time in order to travel at normal speed.

Of course, the most important thing for safe driving in winter is to control the speed of travel. Especially in the highway driving, we should pay attention to control the speed, not urgent acceleration, brakes, so as to ensure safety, in the cold season, the effective protection of cars and tires, Winter Tyres so as to avoid traffic accidents.

In the cold winter before driving, after all pay special attention to tire cleaning.

Before driving, to check whether the tread groove is covered by snow and ice, if it is, will have to clean up. If the ice is caught in the pattern groove is very hard, Winter Tyres you can not force pry digging, can not pour water to the tire surface. With the surface of the tarpaulin tires at room temperature can be, Winter Tyres and then start the car, low speed driving for some time and then press the normal speed.

After driving, to check the tire groove is caught with stones, Winter Tyres iron or nails and other hard objects, if any, to immediately clean up.

The difference between the new tires and the traction and grip of the old tires is very different. Those tires that are very bad wear, even the winter tires, can not play a role in the ice and snow on the road. Winter Tyres Therefore, the tire should be replaced according to wear and tear in a timely manner.

All the tires in the pattern depth of 1.6 mm there are wear marks, Winter Tyres where there are wear marks have a small bump, the boss called "tread wear mark", next to the "tread wear mark" in English Abbreviation "TWI". In the normal use of the premise, the tire wear to reach this raised place on the need to replace the tire.

Most of the owners have the impression that wide tires traction and grip is greater than the narrow tires, so those who use more luxury cars with good handling of wide tires.

However, the snow and ice weather and the situation of the road is not the same as in the dry road, in the snow and ice and ice surface, tire traction and grip is not relying on the friction between the tire and the ground, but by the tread pattern in the snow, Winter Tyres And ice and snow mutual bite and get.

Ordinary tires, Winter Tyres whether it is wide tires or narrow tires, Winter Tyres due to the characteristics of their pattern itself, tread ground area is larger, Winter Tyres the pressure is small, tread pattern is difficult to penetrate the snow, so traction and grip less. Only winter tires can ensure that they are effectively cut into the snow and ice, to ensure that they have enough traction and grip, so as to ensure the safety of car driving.