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Winter Tyres When Used Properly

Oct 25, 2017

First of all, not every car needs a set of winter tires, but if you live in the winter often have to go through a long period of ice, then you should consider replacing a set of winter tires. Compared to ordinary tires (four seasons tires), relying on the design of the treadmill and tire rubber in the low temperature environment can help the vehicle in the snow road driving process more robust.

More suitable for low temperature environment tire rubber

In the dry ground driving process, the tire with the road surface has a certain adsorption effect, this adsorption can provide 10% to 20% of the tire grip, where the adsorption is only based on molecular categories. In terms of grip, the plasticity of the tire rubber has played a decisive role in the contact with the road, the rubber through the deformation into the road surface of the protrusions to provide the reaction force (depending on the specific circumstances of the road), such reaction can be accounted for To tire grip 80% to 90% of the ratio. It seems that the plasticity of the tire surface rubber is critical to tire grip. Of course, we can not deny that the vehicle's power and chassis structure and grip between the also have inextricably linked

Putting more directly, the plasticity of the tire rubber can be described by hard and soft, and the softness of the tire rubber to a certain extent will be affected by the temperature, that is, the lower the temperature, the harder the tire rubber, and vice versa is slightly soft. From this, the temperature also determines the tire grip performance.

Adapt to the low temperature environment is a major feature of winter tires, compared to ordinary tires (four seasons tires), in the same low temperature environment, the winter tire rubber will be softer, in order to ensure that the tire surface rubber can be deformed with The road is engaged as much as possible to provide grip. In other words, the four seasons tires in the low temperature environment, due to tire rubber hardening, grip will also be affected. As for how to make tire rubber in a low temperature environment to maintain a certain degree of softness and in the formula and ordinary tires different

More suitable for ice and snow road driving tire pattern design

Compared to the four seasons tires, winter tires tread blocks in the number increased by 15%, for the wheels in the rolling ice and snow road can have a better grip effect.

More dense and more functional pattern

Winter tires will be more intensive, crushing patterns, those trenches can greatly improve the vehicle in the snow and ice road when the performance. It is mentioned above that the use of tire rubber deformation to provide grip, but if the blind deformation, then the stability is difficult to be guaranteed.

This is actually a dilemma of choice, it is necessary to ensure that each tread block of the rigid and let it have a certain flexibility in order to engage with the road, in this part, most of the winter tires through the tread block structure To improve the rigidity of the tread through the tread of the Z-shaped groove is the original intention of the design, in the vehicle turning and braking process, each tread can be used to remove the deformation of rubber to grasp the grip, and this At the same time, the internal structure makes the tread block more solid. On the tread of the tires, each tread has a pattern of such tread, but the chiffon on the shoulder seems to be somewhat different.

The shoulder is designed with a zigzag pattern at the same time as its zigzag pattern, which is specially designed to improve grip. It is matched with the trench in the center of the tread block. When the road surface will break the water film, located in the vicinity of a number of micro-water hole can be temporarily for the storage function. This makes it possible to ensure that the tire is in full contact with the ground as far as possible relative to the muddy ice and snow road.

When to use the most appropriate?

About when should use winter tires, I believe that many of the most concerned about the North friends. In fact, in many European countries on the use of winter tires have a very clear provisions, some Nordic countries such as Norway, Sweden and other provisions of a certain period of time must be forced to use winter tires, which Sweden even provides during this period of traffic accidents, One party will bear the primary responsibility. In addition, some European countries will be part of the cold area for the use of winter tire area, in the development of roads must use winter tires.